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We introduce ourselves as a group of surgeons having a collective experience of over 25 years. The Brain and Spine Hospital is the FIRST EXCLUSIVE HOSPITAL of its kind in Chennai with a comprehensive facility to offer the best in medical care by combining a multidisciplinary team of specialized doctors with the latest technologies for improved quality of life.

It is quest to educate our patients of their choices, stand by them as they exhaust less invasive options, and offer them expert surgical care when it becomes necessary.

    Over 2000 Neurosurgeries been done with the success rate of greater than 95%

  • Brain Tumour 
  • Spine Tumour
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Stroke
  • Disc Prolapse
  • Aneurysm
  • Parkinson's
  • Hydrocephalus

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Latest & Well equipped Intensive / Critical Care Unit

24*7 Emergency Care

Specialized Nursing Care

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Surgeons over 25 years experience in treating all kinds of Brain and Spine problems

M. Balamurugan


A well known Doctor who is specialized in treating Brain and Spine problems

K. Chandrasekar


A well known Doctor who as a vast experience in treating all kinds of Neuro problems

Shankar Ganesh


Specialized and experienced well known neurosurgeon


I am from Bangladesh. Thanks to Dr.M.Balamurugan for giving my life back. I got a good treatment by him and his team. We are very much pleased and happy. All sisters,ward boys and other services was extremely good. After going in our country Bangladesh I will tell about the doctor and the hospital. Undoubtedly Bala sir is a nice person. At last thanks to all of the hospital staffs.

- Khan Jahangir Alam


It is true Sir! A doctor is given a place next to God. I would sincerely like to express my gratefulness for saving my mother's life. she had really a bad brain stroke on 10.6.18. We all were worried about her future, but thanks to you and your entire team who are all taken proper care of her health and fast recovery. I am truly obliged to you sir. More than a medicine the way your entire team handling the patients was the reason for their early recovery. Keep it up the good quality team service sir. Once again, Thanks a lot for your excellent service sir

- S. Muthukumar

S/o Subbulakshmi. S

I have been experiencing back & neck pain for the past 10 years. The pain was excruciating day by day over the last 3 months. Then I searched for the neurosurgeon in the internet and Dr. M. Balamurugan name popped up as the best neurosurgeon in Chennai with best reviews. Then I decided to visit doctor and he suggested an MRI and it showed some mild problem. Then he prescribed certain exercises and medications and suggested to do exercises regularly. I AM SATISFIED

- F. Patrick Charles


Condition & Treatment


Human Brain is an extremely complex organ that controls all the functions of our body. Immediate medical attention is read more

Brain Tumours

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Disc Prolapse

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Peripheral Nerovus System

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